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NB/PEI Barrel Horse Association

New Brunswick PEI Barrel Horse Association

NPBHA Show Series 2021


July 3rd& 4th 2021, Princess Louise Park, Sussex NB

Phase 2 on the path to Green


Everyone must enter grounds of Princess Louise Park through the main entrance. (10 Leonard Dr.)

 Covid and Biosecurity Check Station will be located under the trees across front of Barn 3

  • Identification and documentation of unique risks and solutions
    •  COVID-19: Risk mitigation tool for workplaces/businesses operating during the pandemic -
    • sports_EN.pdf (
    • Inter Province Travel - Participants from a zone (or province) in the GNB Orange/Red/Lockdown Phase of recovery are not permitted to enter an NPBHA Show until the zone has returned to yellow phase. Refunds will be issued if there is a change to travel requirements prior to the date of the show/on the date of the show.
    • Vendors - All vendors must have a written COVID-19 Operational Plan in place.
      • Vendors are responsible for their own screening of people, contact tracing, hand sanitizer, and cleaning/disinfection protocols. 
      • Vendors must follow the Covid Operational Plan of the Princess Louise Park and NPBHA while on the property. 
    • No one is permitted within the barn areas, unless they are someone who has a horse assigned to that barn, are a vet, emergency personnel, or accessing the bathroom and then promptly leaving the barn.
    • Physical prizes are to be presented by placing prize on a table/ground for physically distanced pickup and distribution. 
    • Masks must be worn by board member and receiver of prize.


  • Screening and Contact Tracing
    • ALL PERSONS that arrive on the show location, (Princess Louise Show Park) will be required to check in at the COVID SCREENING STATION. Once you arrive at the Covid and Bio-Security Station (located under trees across from Barn 3) all persons will be required to sign a copy of the covid operational plan. As well as COVID-19 ATTESTATION AND AGREEMENT. By signing the operational plan, it shows all participants and spectators have committed to the guidelines. This allows us to keep everyone accountable and as safe as possible. All persons on the property will be required to sign a typical tracking sheet. Collection of names and contact information ( All Persons (including staff) must be given and wear a NPBHA wrist band. If seen without one, you will be asked to sign in with our contact tracing booth. This is to show that a person has provided all contact tracing information.
    • Current Screening Questions - COVID-19_screeningEN.pdf ( If you begin experiencing 2 or more of the symptoms listed on the poster though out your time at an NPBHA show, you are required to remain in an isolated area away from other personnel until you are able to be leave the property. If you are experiencing symptoms, it is recommended to get tested. You can register for a test online by clicking ‘Get tested’ on the GNB Coronavirus website, calling Tele-Care 811 or by contacting your primary health-care provider. Please let a board member know if you leave the property for this reason.


  • Enabling physical distancing at all times throughout the duration of the show
    • pd_poster_EN.pdf (
    • Physical distancing / Mask Requirements mandatory_masks_poster_ECO_gentle (
    • All persons are required to maintain the physical distancing mandate, such as: 6 feet distance between persons, if social distancing cannot be respected all persons, are required to wear a mask. Masks must be worn in all common areas. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the grounds for frequent use. Recommended to be used; before/after touching mask, before/after snacks and or meals, before/after encountering another person, before/after encountering equipment.



  • Communicating COVID-19 public health measures and risks adequately in your setting
    • Risk and Health Measures Signage will be displayed are various locations throughout the grounds.


This operational plan was created and reviewed by:

Heidi Whalen, NPBHA Vice President, 506-521-5621

Laura Johnston, NPBHA Secretary, 506-377-5850

Date: June 18, 2021




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